Confession of the Healthy Liver!

Oh my goodness… I have always seen myself as a very healthy eater, but my golly is it hard to cleanse!

Healthy Living

Turns out that I actually had a lot of naughty indulgences, that my brain had managed to camouflage!

As mentioned at the beginning of the month, I started a 30 day cleanse, which involved cutting out Coffee, Gluten, Dairy, Alcohol, Sugar and Processed foods! I thought it would be easy…

By day 15, I had to confess that I had not started! Yeah, sure I had a healthy breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, as I always had… But I was indulging every now and then and calling it “Naughty Days”. These naughty days were far more frequent than ever before, like I was rebelling against the cleanse and I put on 3cm all around! Not what I was aiming for!

So, to fix things, I gave myself a mental shake, woke up and started for real! This was on the 16th of November, which means I have been on a genuine cleanse (minus about 3 black coffees and 2 glasses of wine!) for 10 of the 30 days now and the results are amazing!

My skin is glowing and completely, and I do mean COMPLETELY, acne/ spot free. I still have the scaring but believe that will go! The gluten dots on my arms have started vanishing, my hair is staying clean, soft and silky for days and the weight (and Cms) are dropping dramatically! Not to mention, I feel amazing, inside and out!!!





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