Skin amazes me!

So as many of you know from reading my profile, I have suffered with angry and gross skin my whole life and only recently discovered how skin works…. yes, I did say that “how skin works”.


It truly fascinates me to know that every aspect of our lives will determine whether you have good or bad skin; and we are not talking just physically, but mentally too!

It is so unbelievably important to be healthy in EVERY area of your life! Diet, exercise, “habits”, environment, skincare and psyche!

Most people reading this will understand the importance of a few of these but may question the others so lets think about it for a second!


Imagine a man who goes for a brisk 5 mile walk every morning, takes the stares instead of the elevator, doesn’t smoke or drink, works in a peaceful environment, avoids chemicals in his daily skincare regime but hates everyone and everything.

Would you call him healthy? I’d say nice try, but he probably spends a lot of time with an elevated pulse caused by his constant frustrations and he probably does not feel or know the calming effect of love.


OK, now lets imagine a woman who eats impeccably, runs 10 miles a day, works in a loving and motivated environment, gets involved in personal development to improve herself daily, but she uses cheap and nasty products to “take care” of herself.

Is she healthy? Again, I would say good attempt, but it is becoming very well known that the most harmful way for chemicals to enter the body is through the skin. Orally they pass through the kidneys and liver and get filtered before entering the blood… and when inhaled they pass through the lungs for filtering before they enter your blood… BUT when applied to the skin, they go straight into the bloodstream within around 16 seconds!


So, the skin is like your little alarm that goes off and says “Hey you! Wake up to yourself and fix it!!!”

In my work I meet a lot of people who say to me that they don’t have skin problems, but as you look at them you see small lumps and bumps on their bodies and think “REALLY? Clearly your schema of what a ‘skin problem’ is, is slightly fragmented!”

Besides my acne, I always had these little red bumpy dots on my upper arm, kind of like pin pricks, and I only found out at the age of 25 that these were in fact gluten dots! My skin had been alerting me of the fact that I had an intolerance to gluten and I had failed to do my due diligence on the matter!

Again, the skin is amazing and more people should listen to what their skin is trying to tell them!!! FACT!!!


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