Miracle Mornings…

Good Morning Crazy World!

Recently I read The Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod and it really spoke volumes to me. Don’t get me wrong, I was well aware of the glorious effect that early morning exercise and meditation had on one, but I had not done it in years!

It’s amazing that something so simple can change one’s life! As mentioned previously, I am attempting to lose weight fast, and by weight I do not mean scale weight, but centimetres. We all know muscle weighs more than fat so I do intend to in fact weigh more!

Anyway, not the point here… with staring the 30 day cleanse, I decided to reembrace my miracle mornings and go for 6am walks, which in all fairness is more like a 7am walk once I have gotten the baby dressed up warm and managed to put the dog on the lead, who is frantically bouncing around in utter excitement because he knows what is about to happen!

Today was day 4 of the cleanse (2 of miracle mornings), but with total honesty, I have to confess that day 1 and 2 consisted of overindulgence because knowing I could not pig out just made the craving to do so far more intense!!!

So, after each Miracle morning I come back to the house feeling absolutely amazing and despite very little sleep from being a mother to a 6 month old baby, I have more energy that any amount of supplement or caffeine boost could give me…. And before my daily activities can distract me I make a note of how I am feeling and what thoughts had come to mind, as to keep myself developing and motivated.

The Miracle Morning Diary – Day One

I have been trying to get myself to do this for a few days now and it resulted in me falling back to sleep, only to wake up sluggish and without an ounce of motivation.

Today I say NO Sir! Ne excuses! Charlie slept fairly well last night and is still snoring away, so my Miracle morning begins.

Once I have finished writing here, I will get dressed, brush my teeth, and wrap Charlie up nice and warm and go for a morning strut with the dog. I think the Shrewsbury loop would be a nice long and beautiful walk!

Where did this motivation finally come from?… Well, last night I tried on my wedding dress, which I had bought 2 months ago, two sizes too small with a goal in mind. It all went well initially, as giving up Dairy for Charlie had me losing weight fast, however with going back onto my normal foods, it seems all that weight just came running back! NOT GOOD!!!!!

I’m very glad that I had to put the dress on to trim, in order to make Charlie’s Christening gown! It made me catch a wakeup call and now I can use the miracle morning and the 30 day cleanse hand in hand, in order to be bikini and dress ready for February!

Weight gain + Mental slap = TOTAL MOTIVATION!!

Post walk

It was a wonderful walk and I enjoyed listening to Don’t sweat the small stuff, by Richard Carlson.

What I got the most out of was a few realisations from the Audible book. These were:

  1. I tend to interrupt people a lot, when they are speaking or I land up finishing their sentences. My mother is forever saying “I was asking Alan (my better half) not you!”

So, I need to work on becoming a better listener and be more patient. I always tend to be in a hurry so have a habit of wanting conversation to be fast paced too. This needs to change!

Whilst pondering why this is a problem, I realised that I often feel inferior to others and I land up wanting to be relatable so I will pick up on a point that is being made and find a story of my own to match this.

Without intending to actually interrupt, I land up not listening to the point the person was trying to make and instead turn the conversation focus on myself! Not a good trait to have!!!!

  1. Often in life people do not show others gratitude, even if they are greatful, it does not seem to be expressed as much as it should be! So, this is my next aspect of focus!

I am not the best at expressing these things, even if I feel them inside, the gratitude is not being made known, so in order to make sure that people in my life are thanked for just being them, or doing wonderful things; once a week I will make a point of selecting a person who I am greatful for, write them a letter and ensure that they know exactly what they mean to me!

  1. You can seek peoples approval till you are blue in the face, but you will never truly get total approval because what one person may approve of, another may disapprove, so as long as you are doing what is right for you in that moment in time, that is all that matters. So as long as it is making you happy and helping you reach your goals, get on with it.

This does not mean that you should become arrogant about it and think “stuff everyone else” but do not let it stop you.

Often people are expressing their opinions because they actually care and they see it as constructive criticism, so do listen to people and if there could be some truth to what they are saying, hear them out, think about it and even thank them where it is due, but do not take it to heart and let it upset you because you are doing the best you can!!!!


The Miracle Morning Diary – Day Two

Today I struggled to get motivated and get going. I can use the excuse that Charlie did not sleep last night and I am exhausted, but I know that staying in bed will only result in a slow and sluggish day, so even though it has taken an extra hour to bounce out of bed, my second miracle morning starts now, at 7am!


Post Walk

WOW! What a good idea it was to persevere! I reversed my Shrewsbury loop today and started out in Castlefields, where I landed up bumping into a friend of mine, Ben, who I did not know had moved a block away from me!!! What a lovely start to my day!

I then continued onto the rapids, where I saw fish trying to jump up stream and a big bird standing on the side waiting patiently to catch his/her next meal! It was such a blissful and beautiful walk! The river was so calm and everyone I passed seemed eager to greet me with a smile!

I am so glad I took the walk and listening to the middle 3rd of Don’t sweat the small stuff probably was the reason for me feeling so calm, because today it spoke of slowing down, taking deep breaths and enjoying your life by being a calm and open person!

Key points to take from today:

  1. Make time for your friends and family because they are the reason for why you work from home!
  2. Get back to being that calm person who takes everything in her stride and focuses on silver linings!
  3. Be greatful for the fact that you have an amazing business that gives you total time freedom, so stop trying to live a 9-5 life… YOU DON’T HAVE ONE!!!!
  4. Share your wonderful life with everyone you know because it is utter bliss!!!!

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