Living the life…. or am I?

It’s been a very interesting couple of months being a new mother! I mean, I’ve looked after babies before and I have 2 stepsons, who I would lay down my life for…. but having your own new-born is a real challenge! Especially when they are born with intolerances, and poohplosions become almost an hourly occurrence!

My little Charlie had a real tough time of it for the first 3 months, until I managed to figure out through process of elimination, that he is intolerant of dairy, egg and soy… despite the Doctors insisting that it was merely a bad case of reflux! Reflux??? That can shoot a good 2m across the room? I don’t think so!

This was a really tough time for him and us, but oh boy does it open your eyes. You learn about true unconditional love, patience and team work! You learn who your true friends are… you learn about how much your own mother has done for you and you learn that you are Superwoman!!!

But, for me, the most unexpected discovery was that after 25 years, one could discover that they have been intolerant to various things in their diet for all these years and not known it!

After cutting it all out of my diet in order to attempt to continue with Breastfeeding, I felt so healthy! I had never been so on top of my world before and all the baby weight dropped right off! … UK size 18 to 14 in just 3 weeks! It was unreal!

Unfortunately, after 4 months, the Doctors decided that it was time for Charlie to go onto a hypoallergenic formula and start on solids… freeing me up to eat all my indulgences again…but how I wish this was not the case.

Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding things, next to giving life itself that I have ever done! It creates a bond like no other and giving it up was heart breaking, but in the end, it is about what is best for your child and I had to realise that carrying on feeding him might have been selfish of me as he was not flourishing the way that he should have.

Anyway, I suffered my whole life with very severe acne… I’m not talking a typical teenage Clearasil moment of “Oh my goodness! A spot…. there is a disco tonight!” NO!…I’m talking “look at that girl, she looks like she has a disease” of “does she ever wash” of my personal favourite – “look at the walking pizza”

It was aweful! Luckily for me, my mother introduced me to a skincare brand 3 years ago, which helped me big time, because she taught me the benefits of removing toxic substances from your daily skincare regime.

It was amazing! Now, for the first time in years, I could pass for one of the Clearasil kids with an “Oh my goodness” moment… but what I since discovered, thanks to my darling son Charlie, is that unknown intolerances to dairy, soy, egg and gluten was seriously playing a massive part in my skin issues!

Once I returned to eating it, after giving up breastfeeding, my body had such a bad reaction… my organs hurt, I felt lethargic, I had outbreaks on my skin and I put on weight again! It seems that having spent 3 months without it had made my body revert back to it’s original level of tolerance, which was a 0!

I am now committing to cutting it all out of my diet again and we will see what happens! I used to think it was great that I could eat anything… now I see what damage I was doing to myself!


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